Galen Hooks

Galen Hooks


Los Angeles based dancer, has been in the entertainment industry since age 7. Made a difference with her style, she is an artist both in front of and behind the camera.

She influenced everyone all around the world with her River choreography(24Million+ views on YouTube).

An artist who has an experience more than 20 years, an MTV VMA nominee choreograph who has one of the most impressive dance and choreography careers of her generation.

She became Junior Dance Champion when she was 7 with her dance crew named Star Search.
As a child, she was working on shows like Full House, modeling for Mervyn's, and performing in an opera with Placido Domingo.
As a teen, she was assisting choreographer Marguerite Derricks for movies like Donnie Darko and shows like That 70's Show.

She has worked with more than 60 artists such as Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, Britney Spears, Usher, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Banks, Grimes, John Legend.

She also modeled extensively for Nike's Dance and Sport Culture lines, including countless catalogs, billboards, and in Vogue magazine.

Producing credits include America's Got Talent, The Voice, Disney Channel Presents: Radio Disney's Family VIP Birthday, and YouTube's "Masterclass”.

Theater work includes Dreamgirls and Higher Education.

Galen is involved as a dancer, choreographer, and actress in LXD: Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, which has a 3-season show on Hulu.
She has had groundbreaking performances on So You Think You Can Dance, TED Talks and the 82nd Annual Oscars.

She is also well known for being a dancer, choreographer, and actress for R&B heartthrobs Miguel (Arch N Point), Usher (Good Kisser), and most recognizably Ne-Yo's concept album Libra Scale.

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